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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons


Throughout his long and varied career, pioneer and visionary Ted Nelson investigated technical possibilities of all kinds.  He checked reader service cards from magazines in a wide variety of industries, unleashing torrents of further information on products, services and academic research. 

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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
Feb 27, 2019
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Micro-computer - Billings Computer Corp. 1977
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Topics: bcc, microcomputer, floppy, centronix, billings, computer, programs, unit, utilizes, system, bcc...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Personal Dynamic Media - Learning Research Group, Xerox 1976
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: dynabook, smalltalk, interim, turtle, class, kids, animation, medium, turn, simulation, interim...
Kevin Savetz is the team lead of the Ted Nelson Junk Folders Project. He oversees the scanning of new material, as well as funding and hiring of staff to make things run. The project depends on donations to fund the hired scanning employee - roughly $80/day. Please contribute to
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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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The Recordak portable microfilmer - Recordak Corp.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: recordak, film, microfilming, microfilmer, portable, branches, eastman, kodak, documents, san,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Announcer: You are about to hear an address by Mr. Lee C. Diton, Chairman of the Board of the Macmillan Company, "The Role of the Leader in Managing Change." This recording has been especially processed using the Eltro Information Rate Changer Mark II. Mr. Diton originally delivered this address in exactly 12 minutes 25 seconds. It has been speeded by 50% so that its running time on this record is only 8 minutes 16 seconds, a saving of 33 and a third percent in listening time. Now...
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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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De Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo & General Electric T64 aircraft brochure
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: buffalo, fuel, payload, isa, weight, takeoff, havilland, distance, stol, engine, gross weight,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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National Electronics Inc.: Readout Tubes Catalog
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: readout, vdc, tube, cathode, electronics, pin, anode, voltage, tubes, internal, long life, readout...
Raytheon Datavue Tubes - A Complete Line of Side-View and End-View Indicator Tubes
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: cathode, tubes, raytheon, voltage, anode, datavue, bias, current, indicator, numerical, cathode...
VersaLOGIC, digital system modules 200kc, 2mc, 8mc - Decision Control, Inc.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: versalogic, flip, nand, flop, logic, enable, series, gate, amplifier, system, flip flop, power...
Aviation Week & Space Technology, Aug 1 1966, reprint - Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: aircraft, navy, atds, target, grumman, operators, hawk, strike, data, operator, strike aircraft,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
Nov 10, 2017
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Paratone screens, patterns, colors
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: bold, futura, gothic, condensed, aaa, italic, bodoni, ultra, medium, alternate, alternate gothic,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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MacPACS Series of software - Baseline Publishing Inc.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: inits, moose, program, backup, macintosh, system, multifinder, thunder, megabytes, color, system...
MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) Accounting Software for Macintosh, from Teleware
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: inventory, invoices, accounting, auto, analysis, reports, purchase, journal, accounts, unlimited,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
Jul 13, 2017
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Computer Design Magazine - March 1970
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: device, data, computer, arithmetic, system, instruction, memory, control, operator, devices, direct...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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The All-Purpose Versatile Multi-Use Compu-Binder With Price List
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: posts, post, size, manila, unburst, covers, tag, threaded, pressboard, polyethylene, manila tag,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
Jun 3, 2017
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Hitachi 505 Analog Computer Brochure
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: twx, phone, hitachi, brogan, analog, thorson, computer, brimberg, readout, san, company phone,...
35mm projector and related equipment - Magna-Tech Electronics Co. Inc. 1966
Topics: interlock, sync, motor, phase, magnetic, electronic, projector, watt, film, motors, interlock...
National Geographic magazine subscription offer 1969
Topics: geographic, dues, membership, national, society, gift, color, admiral, zip, projects, national...
Nelson Hershfield Electronics - various communications equipment
Topics: switch, modular, selector, volume, master, amplifier, output, input, power, phono, selector switch,...
Industry Week, Business Communications, advertising section Sept 17 1984
Topics: data, communications, network, skyline, pbx, facsimile, mds, telecommunications, sbs, satellite,...
Vibra-Tak, slide rule tachometer - Verdell Instrument Sales Co.
Topics: equipment, tuning, vibrating, slide, scale, cylinders, tachometer, vibration, maximum, reading,...
Viewdata 1981 conference - Creative Computing
Topics: videotex, viewdata, conference, developments, presentations, northwood, international, systems,...
The Tastemakers by Russell Lynes, book offer
Topics: taste, tastemakers, lynes, author, sprightly, lemma, reanimates, mastodon, wallpapers, harpers
The Teletype Model 28 Receiving Selector from Teletype Corporation. Flyer. Description and illustration.
Topics: selector, teletype, receiving, model, inches, reliability, equipped, serial, unit, signals,...
Artisan Electronics Corporation Letterhead
Topics: eastmans, poughkeepsie, syst, artisan
Continuing engineering education program - School Engineering and Applied Science 1977
Topics: computer, data, security, systems, communications, engineering, continuing, education, design,...
Computer Digest, subscription offer
Topics: data, management, american, digest, processing, computer, engineering, systems, quarterly, review,...
Computer and data processing dictionary and guide, book offer - Data Processing Book Service
Topics: punched, splicing, data, processing, robins, hole, adp, encoder, tape, selections, data processing,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Second conference on Electronic Information Handling. Testing and evaluation.
Topics: pittsburgh, university, april, evaluation, handling, motor, goodyear, conference, corporation,...
Electrical connector caps - S.S. White Company 1967
Topics: phone, protectors, ohio, white, michigan, ard, caps, perm, polyethylene, connector, associated...
Disc-Memory Systems - General Precision Inc., Librascope Group
Topics: disc, librascope, memories, data, heads, memory, series, militarized, discs, electronics, disc...
Digital Plotting Systems - California Computer Products Inc. 1966
Topics: calcomp, digital, plotting, plotter, series, incremental, plotters, model, computer, drum, digital...
Four pole half-size crystal can relay - Branson Corp.
Topics: style, mounting, type, crystal, branson, coils, milliseconds, header, relay, specifications
Freon E Series Fluorocarbons - Du Pont 1966
Topics: fluorocarbons, dielectric, heat, compatibility, liquids, liquid, transfer, resin, thermal, vapor,...
Bar Graph Generator 101 - Colorado Video Inc.
Topics: video, colorado, ohms, vertical, cvi, bar, position, display, grating, marker, bar graph, large...
Millivolt amplifier - Quindar Electronics, Inc.
Topics: output, amplifiers, amplifier, voltage, calibration, ranges, chopper, vdc, input, signal
Molded 2 pin microphone connector Type ST-24 - Switchcraft 1963
Topics: connector, cable, molded, assemblies, colors, amphenol, type, special, microphone, plated,...
Photocell punched tape readers and spoolers - Rheem Electronics
Topics: reader, spooler, spoolers, bidirectional, unidirectional, readers, photocell, remex, standard,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Magnetic tape - IBM
Topics: tape, magnetic, ibm, signal, reel, noise, pulses, read, tests, combinations, magnetic tape, ibm...
Lectrocount II, electronic integrator - Royson Engineering Company 1963
Topics: input, lectrocount, model, counter, royson, bulletin, meter, linear, pulse, output, pulse length,...
Telcomp time-shared computer services, for scientists and engineers 1967
Topics: telcomp, computer, integral, program, comp, programs, puter, telco, triangle, command
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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MRC MEASUREMENT RESEARCH CENTER: Fortran Card. Examples of different types.
Lowel Light Information Flyer from Lowel Light Photo Engineering
Topics: bulbs, lighting, vulcanized, barndoors, neoprene, aluminum, padding, yard, reflector, roll, yard...
Topics: connections, valves, valve, ports, column, connection, cotter, stem, operator, operating, low dead
Urban Studies 1970 - CED, Committee for Economic Development
Topics: ced, urban, economic, poverty, copies, metropolitan, policy, discount, suburb, metropolitan areas,...
10 reason to own Curtis Mathes (partial)
Topics: curtis, iiimathes, mathes
18-24 microfilm reader-printer - Itek Business Products
Topics: viewing, film, image, print, screen, diazo, aperture, length, roll, prints, viewing screen
Advanced Business Systems Analysis conference 1967 - C-E-I-R Inc.
Topics: systems, analysis, study, advanced, institute, iat, moriarty, technology, data, accounting, systems...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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ARAGO, dBASE - Wordtech
Topics: dbase, arago, wordtech, dbxl, mapplan, quicksilver, iii, data, code, users, dbase iii, arago dbxl,...
ADC Products, INC. - Bantam Jack Panels
Topics: bantam, jacks, conductor, lamp, plug, molded, inch, cords, adc, minnesota, patch cords, lamp caps,...
Accessories for punched tapes, magnetic tapes, edge-punched cards - Robins Data Devices Inc. 1964
Topics: tape, robins, tapes, roll, punched, splicing, styrene, patches, magnetic, splicers, robins data,...
Addressing plates and machine - Master Addresser
Topics: addressing, addresser, mailing, model, card, master, minnesota, record, address, mail, master...
APL/DTC reference card - Vanguard Systems Corp. 1980
Topics: apl, processor, dtc, variable, workspace, file, data, auxiliary, control, system, data variable,...
ASI Advance Series 6040 & 6020 description - Advanced Scientific Instruments
Topics: asi, program, memory, external, interrupt, control, buffered, peripheral, parity, system, advance...
Acton Laboratories Delay Equalizer 475A
Topics: delay, frequency, adjustable, transmitter, amplitude, continuously, equalizer, cycles, precision,...
Access control security systems - Security Controls Inc. 1965
Topics: securiticard, security, key, systems, combinations, interlock, buttons, controls, maximum, entry,...
ASI Computer Division-EMR Announces The First in the ADVANCE 6100 Computer Series
Topics: asi, computer, memory, interrupt, data, advance, division, system, hardware, external, computer...
ARM-1170, mainframe memory for PDP-11/70 computers - Ampex
Topics: memory, ampex, interleaving, chassis, internal, megabyte, bytes, dec, unibus, modules, memory...
AMP Inc. - Brochure: Universal patchcord programming products
Topics: packaging, symposium, electronic, registration, circuit, san, august, jjj, francisco, integrated,...
Add Motion, animation & color paint for HyperCard 2.0 - Motion Works 1990
Topics: color, addmotion, hypercard, macintosh, works, motion, ram, trademarks, animations, hypertalk,...
Anticipation timer - Scientific Industries, Inc.
Topics: flashing, buzzer, receptacles, light, anticipation, timer, minute, timing, signal, synchronous,...
NCR - Application Reference - Inquiry Control System - NCR 315
Topics: program, teletype, user, executive, inquiry, message, input, cram, buffer, output, user program,...
Apeco Dial-A-Copy, dry copymaker, Electro-stat - American Photocopy Equipment Company
Topics: copies, apeco, exact, copy, insert, monthly, minimum, copying, number, size
Autographs instructions and nameplates - Metalcraft Inc. 1964
Topics: iowa, serially, property, solvent, numbered, products, mason, alodized, metalcraft, dakota,...
Artificial Intelligence Through Simulated Evolution - John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1966
Topics: wiley, prediction, evolutionary, intelligence, bourne, wilson, gutenmakher, bookseller, marthann,...
Sockets and Assemblies Datasheets from Augat Incorporated. Includes Power Transistor Sockets, Miniature Transistor Sockets, Panels and Other Parts.
Topics: connector, plated, nickel, printed, beryllium, socket, circuit, pin, contacts, mil, printed...
Barron's National Business and Financial Weekly magazine subscription offer
Topics: weekly, securities, barron, stocks, business, financial, favor, rules, introductory, investment,...
Advertisement for The Publishers' Trade List Annual 1981
Topics: press, ptla, isbn, books, publishers, hypnosis, bowker, publications, hardbound, cloth, single...
Allen Hollander Company Able-Stik Catalog and Order Form
Topics: reel, labels, style, tape, label, identification, color, file, hollander, colors, tape reel, file...
Bibliography on High-Speed Photography 1960-1964 - 7th International Congress on High-Speed Photography 1965, Eastman Kodak Company
Topics: streak, schlieren, framing, photography, image, flash, flow, optical, camera, electronic, high...
Books on human relations, list and descriptions - Plenum Publishing Company 1980
Topics: rape, isbn, desegregation, social, sexual, sex, contents, plenum, therapy, eds, school...
Beaulieu R16 Electric, roving camera - Beaulieu
Topics: beaulieu, lens, filming, speeds, camera, film, battery, permits, socket, reflexviewing, type...
Altair, various computers and components, technical info - mits 1977
Topics: altair, data, memory, cpu, disk, interrupt, address, lines, interface, board, front panel, disk...
Aerospace Management, Vol.1 No.2 1966 - General Electric Company, Missile and Space Division
Topics: program, space, esro, management, systems, nasa, spo, air, tion, administrator, air force, systems...
Amega - Motion picture sound systems
Topics: amega, interchangeable, sound, audio, studio, rmegr, flexib, impedance, reproducers, ule